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Tile Care & Maintenance

Frequent care and maintenance will keep your new tile looking shiny and brand new.

Regular Tile Care

Keep your tile and stone flooring clean by daily sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming to clear away dirt, sand, and grime to keep your tile surface looking polished.

Unlike hard surface flooring, it’s also recommended to use either steam cleaning or a wet mop at least once a week with a manufacturer-approved cleaner that is also compatible with grout.

For common household spills and messes like milk, beer, soda, and pet accidents, immediately wipe away or mop clean.

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Tile Spill or Stain?

Don't Panic!

When you need to give your tile a little extra attention, avoid products that contain acids, vinegar, chlorine, and ammonia when cleaning your tile and stone flooring.  Certain cleaning chemicals could actually damage or discolor the grout or surfaces of your tile and stone. It’s important to check with your manufacturer guidelines to ensure you’re using an approved cleaning solution.

Fortunately, many tile manufacturers produce approved cleaning products to help keep your tile and stone floors looking their best!