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When Redesign, Adaptation, And Customization Are Needed

           This past Fall, one of Brian’s Flooring and Design’s customers had a unique request.  This individual has a special passion for taking in injured and ailing squirrels to her home and rehabbing them until they are fit to return to the outdoors. Her desire was for us to help her create a “Squirrel Room” which would serve as a squirrel care habitat. The space was a 10’ x 13’ area located behind her home and under the deck. She envisioned a warm and inviting place to care for her squirrels.  
          Our Brian’s Flooring Sales and Installation Team came together to create a space that is serving as a suitable environment for our customer’s purposes. It was quite a challenge as our Team had to construct an access door, raise certain levels due to possible mildew, frame the area, and allow for room heating and cooling.  In addition, a gray and white sheet vinyl floor was being installed, so appropriate edges needed to be created.  As you can see from the pictures below, the space turned out very well, and most importantly, to the approval and pleasure of our customer.
           This is just another example of the kind of adaptive, creative, and professional work that the Brian’s Flooring and Design Team can deliver.   See before and after pictures below!